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>The BBC Our World documentary The World’s Most Dangerous Hospital has prompted immediate reaction from the Guatemalan Government. Within a day of broadcast the Health Minister made an emergency visit to the institution promising urgent action.

Marshall Corwin (Producer/Camera) and Chris Rogers (Reporter) filmed undercover in Guatemala City’s notorious mental hospital. The disturbing documentary was broadcast on BBC World News and BBC News Channel on the weekend of 5 December 2014, along with a half hour radio documentary on BBC World Service in the ‘Assignment’ strand.

>The powerful Panorama Special Brazil: In the Shadow of the Stadiums (Producer/Camera: Marshall Corwin, Reporter: Chris Rogers) was broadcast on BBC1 at 10:35pm on 4 June, winning its slot with an 18% share and a live audience of 2.3 million. Many expressed shock and revulsion at what the documentary revealed about the host country of the World Cup and 2016 Olympics. A shorter version of the film was the lead item on Newsnight on BBC2 on 3 June.

> After eighteen months of negotiation, Marshall Corwin (Producer/Camera) and Chris Rogers (Reporter) gained unprecedented access to North Korea, filming a documentary openly for the first time in the regime’s history. The resulting BBC film, Panorama: Educating North Korea, was first broadcast on BBC1 in the UK at 8:30pm on 3 Feb, and has also been seen across the world.